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3 options to see yourself in a new light with your own private 1,200 square foot suite at The Mirage before it gets torn down at the end of the year!!!


Boudoir Photography Can Be Ridiculously Fun.... With The Right Photographer!

Boudoir is where the fierce, fun, and spicy side of you comes out to play!

You might think that you’ll feel awkward or that the sensual side of you won’t come through in pictures, but that never happens when you work with me. (Literally…NEVER!)

Take a look at the pictures in my gallery…most of those women were worried because they “didn’t look like models” or they thought, “I need to lose 15 pounds first”, or they didn’t like some part of their bodies, but in those photos, they look absolutely GORGEOUS and RADIANT and you will too! 

That’s because I know exactly how to light you and the set. I’m a master at posing you perfectly, to compliment your individual body and the assets you want to accentuate.

And, I promise you’re going to have so much fun with me that you’ll feel completely relaxed in front of the camera. You’ll even think it was one of the most enjoyable experiences you’ve ever had! (I’m that kind of person.)

Then when you get your pictures….


"I was really excited to have Casey do this boudoir shoot because she is so great at helping me to feel comfortable in my skin. I was a little nervous beforehand just because being in lingerie you can feel vulnerable. But I didn't with her, and the pictures turned out amazing. Boudoir pictures are really important for women to take, to see yourself in that light and have that moment forever. I feel sexy in them, and I think every woman should have photos where you feel radiant and good about yourself. It reminded me of how fierce I am, how amazing I am. So I highly recommend that you work with her. She'll just make you feel seen. She'll make you feel good, and that's exactly what you want in a boudoir shoot."
Boudoir Confidence Boosting Photography
- Megan

Boudoir isn’t for every woman…just the ones who:

  • Want to see their authentic, beautiful, radiant and fierce selves in pictures.
  • Have recently gotten divorced and want to get to know themselves again. 
  • Have secretly wanted to bring out the “femme fatale” they know they have inside.
  • Are ready to be empowered and feel self-assured.
  • Have left an abusive relationship and want to gain back strength of self.
  • Want to get to know their powerful feminine side better.
  • Have been on a fitness journey and want to celebrate the results of their hard work.
  • Know they’re amazing, and want pictures of their gorgeous bodies to look back on when they’re Betty White’s age.
  • Want to give a significant other a fun gift for an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, birthday, wedding…or just because it’s Tuesday.
  • Want to give themselves a gift that shows off their true strength and confidence.

Alright…maybe boudoir IS for every woman! 😉

Not sure where to shoot? We can do outdoors, in your home, or there are some really fun hotel suites/air bnb options in town! Let me know what style you’d like and I can suggest some fun options.

Make your special day even more memorable with a bridal boudoir session on the same day you schedule your hair and makeup trial!
Capture the love you share with a romantic couples boudoir shoot
"Casey is so fun to work with and super creative! A lot of photographers take the approach of still, yet slightly awkward shots. Casey tries to tell a story through her work, meaning you don't feel ridiculous as an amateur trying to hold a pose. Instead, you feel empowered, owning the spotlight! She works with you, helps find your sweet spot to accentuate your strengths, and is so easy and patient to work with. So many choices in printing options too so you can't choose poorly."
- Christina

Customized Packages Starting at $500

Professional hair Makeup Las Vegas Photographer

All dolled up

Most of my clients choose to have their hair and makeup professionally done, and if you don't already have someone in mind, one of the first emails I send you will include the contact info and portfolios of my favorite artists in town. All of them can come to you before the shoot and make sure you are camera ready. From very natural to pinup and beyond, they can make sure you arrive exactly feeling fabulous. BONUS: Getting pampered by a professional will elevate the self-love you will be receiving all day!!!

Casey Jade Photo Album

Heirloom albums and photo boxes

How many forms of digital storage have we been through just in the last couple decades? Anyone remember floppy drives??? The best way to cherish your images forever is in a beautiful keepsake album or a custom private photo box. For our shoot, I will bring my sample album and box with the fabric option swatches so you can choose your fave. Options range from velvet all the way to vegan leather, so you'll experience a sensory journey while perusing.

Casey Jade Photo Las Vegas Boudoir Photography

Solo or Couples Boudoir Package Options…

Packages start at $500 , with half due on booking as a retainer for the time and day. The other half will be due before the final edits are delivered and prints are ordered. Visit the FAQ section for more information. 

or Contact Us Today to get your questions answered quickly and easily.

Includes everything to make you look AND feel your absolute best (with a few fun surprises along the way):

Each package is built to suit your needs, starting with a consultation call to go over ideas and get to know each other a bit! 

If you need the images or prints by a certain day (wedding, anniversary, bday, etc) we will make sure to plan enough time to shoot, favorite, edit, order, and deliver with time to spare.

Schedule your consultation at least 3 weeks before you are planning to shoot so you can get any extra accessories or amazon items in time, make sure to get a good rate for the location, and book your stylists. After the shoot you will get a proof gallery with the best images from our session so you can choose your final images.  As soon as you are done, I will send the images to my retouchers who will have the final images back to me within a week. While the retoucher has the images I will mock up a design for your prints and send them to you for approval so that when I get the edits back I can update the design and send in to my printer. Printing and shipping varies on product and lab workload and I can give you a good estimate on our call.

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