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National Association of Women Business owners
Women of Distinction Award Winner OCT 2022

Hi there, I’m Casey!

Right off the bat, let me share my dream with you: I’d love for us to become great friends and work together for years to come. Everything I do, from our very first chat, is all about making that dream a reality.

You’ll feel it the moment we meet. We’ll connect not just on the surface, but on a deeper, more meaningful level. I guess you could say I’m a people person with an old soul – someone who’s not only friendly and creative but also has this knack for drawing out the best in people. And that includes you, especially in your photographs.

My background in theater, a passion for personal development, and my commitment to always being authentically me, help create a space where you can be your true self too. Even if we’ve just met, I have a feeling you’ll feel more comfortable with me than with most new acquaintances.

During our conversation, you’ll quickly learn how passionate I am about empowering women. We both have important roles to play in this world. You have a unique story that connects you to others and makes a difference. My job? To bring that story to life through photographs that will speak not just to those you love and your clients, but to your very soul.

Of course, it’s not just about hanging out with someone as lovable as me. You’re also in for some incredible photography. Sure, I have the professional training, but the real magic lies in something else. It’s my ability to see you – the fierce, unstoppable you, ready to conquer any challenge, whether it’s in the bedroom, boardroom, or both. Your photos will reflect this amazing side of you, showing you a side of yourself you might not have seen before.

And that’s why, I believe, you’ll want to keep working with me. Why don’t we start this adventure? I can’t wait to meet you and let the magic begin!

Photographer presenting a portrait to a smiling client, both admiring the empowered portrait sessions image

How I got Started...

I always knew I wanted to give back to the world with my creativity and energy. In school I explored other outlets, but didn’t find any passion or inherent ability. It wasn’t until I was 25, burnt out from being an operations manager in the consumer electronics industry, and yearning for learning, that I went back to school for photography. During my schooling, I saw so many people graduating and just going back to their day jobs. I knew I wanted photography to be my avenue of expression and started my business when I was still in school. Everyone has their own timeline and I love being an inspiration for fellow creatives to find their passions and elevate their ideas with my creative eye.

How it's going...

I thrive on empowering women from the boardroom to the bedroom to have more confidence in their bodies and make more money in their businesses. Currently working with small business owners on re-branding themselves with photography that speaks to their unique talents so they can align themselves with their ideal clients. At the same time, I love the human form and want every woman to be able to see how beautiful she really is, especially on the days that are the hardest to hold their heads up high. I am on a mission for every woman in the world to invest in themselves and experience a boudoir session.

Why me?

I have my commercial photography degree so I know how to professionally light and pose for all situations, I have been nationally published in Cosmopolitan, Fortune, Money, and Entrepreneur as well as many local publications and billboards, I won the Silver medal in Nevada's Skills USA photography competition, I won the SIGMA photography competition in the categories of Macro and Architecture, I placed 2nd in the Jesse Reese Photography Competition, I have been an active mentor for the high schoolers in the Communities in Schools programs for 3 years, teach annually at the CSN FotoFest for local high schoolers, have invested countless hours into continued education and workshops on lighting, posing, branding, marketing, and more, and I will be teaching beginning photography at CSN in the fall. I also have partnered with amazing charities in town to help have an impact on my community and the world including The Ink Ribbon Foundation, Dress for Success, Global Charity Fund, Communities in Schools, and The Cupcake Girls.

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Podcasts I have been featured on....

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” I didn’t choose photography, photography chose me. “
— Casey Jade

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