Do you need help empowering your…

Inner Self ?

I’m looking to shed limiting beliefs, gain confidence, and self-worth.

Outer Self ?

I’m wanting to elevate results in my business and the clientele I attract.

Event or Retreat ?

I need the true essence of the experience captured.

Empowering Women

From the boardroom to the bedroom
to have more confidence in their bodies and make more money in their businesses.

WARNING: If you’re not ready to have fun, maybe dance it out a little during your photo shoot and laugh at a few bad “dad jokes” don’t scroll any further.

You’ve been described as friendly, exuberant, inspiring, powerful…

Because inside you, is a confident, strong, empowered woman who is making her impact in the world.
You feel her come alive when you’re in your zone.
She’s determined. She is capable. And she is making things happen!
That’s the you I bring to life in your photos – even if photos aren’t your thing.

There’s an interesting thing that happens when you finally see yourself the way the rest of the world sees you…

You feel more confident in yourself and your decisions. You start attracting the people who can take you to the next level in your life and business.

Ceilings you thought were there, disappear, and more becomes possible.
You deserve to have that. The woman you really are deserves to come out and be seen, so you can make your difference in the world. I want to be the one who helps you do that.

Most women worry that they aren’t photogenic, that they have no idea what photos to take, how to pose or what to wear.
I’ve got you covered on all accounts.

Before we take any pictures, we’ll explore who you are and discover your hopes for yourself, your life, your business and your photos.
I will use that information to craft the inner story of you, making sure that authentic version of yourself is the woman who comes alive in your pictures.

We will highlight the parts of you that you love. And we can downplay anything that takes you out of your zone.
The result – photos that show the fiercely empowered and inspiring woman you really are.
We really can do that together. The place to start is with a call.

Some of my Latest Work

P.S. I won’t share any photos from your sessions unless you want me to.


Trevor Crane

Trevor Crane

Working with Casey was the BEST experience I’ve ever had with a photographer. Fast. Fun. and FABULOUS work. (And I don’t think I EVER use the word “fabulous.”) The shoot was short and sweet. The turnaround time on getting photos felt almost instant. It was the best $ I’ve ever spent on photos. I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT. I will use her again and again and again.

Summer Gomes

Summer Gomes

Casey Jade is part of this AMAZING foundation called Ink Ribbon Foundation. I was doing a photo shoot for my mastectomy scar coverup tattoo reveal. I was so nervous when I arrived, I wanted to cry. Casey assured me that everything would be just fine. She made me feel SO COMFORTABLE, I do not even know why I was so nervous. She made me feel fierce & sexy & on top of the …

Shannon West

Shannon West

Casey was amazing, energetic, professional and fun. She made me feel so at home and confident as a model!! She has an amazing eye and talent for photography!! I cannot wait to work with her again!!

Shannon Steinbach

Shannon Steinbach

Casey is absolutely incredible! I am so happy that I had the pleasure of working with her for my headshots! I feel like i definitely made a new friend in the process. She is such a blast to work with and did an amazing job!!! Casey will be the ONLY photographer I work with from here on out for all of life’s events.

Savyna Roufeh

Savyna Roufeh

I loved working with Casey! I typically coordinate photo shoots for work with photographers my company has selected, but I’d totally recommend her services to my company moving forward. This was the first shoot I coordinated for myself, so I was nervous since my attention to detail & standards can be hardcore, especially being in the marketing/PR field. I knew Casey from when we were younger. We lost touch, but social media brought …

Rosemary Fajardo

Rosemary Fajardo

Casey is such a beautiful soul who is an AMAAAZING photographer!! Every time I work with her, our shoots have always been fun and empowering since she makes it so comfortable for me to be in front of a camera (especially since I’ve been used to always being behind the camera!) Seeing the final photos always bring me joy because Casey has such an eye for capturing moments and the energy of my …

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