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" I’m kind of an ‘I don’t know what to do with my hands’ kind of a person when it comes to pictures and I have worked with photographers before, but Casey made me feel really comfortable. She had great ideas and helped to coach me through the whole time. I felt like overall I had a lot of support to make my time well spent and get some amazing photos to use. "
Lisa Chastain
Money Coach and Author of "Girl, Get Your $hit Together"


Are you ready to attract your ideal client with better imagery and cohesive content across all your online platforms?

I typically work with businesses that are ready to partner with professionals to help them get to the next level of their success. It’s hard to get your personality across over the internet without help. Your website needs to be branded to your individual traits, brand colors, and to attract your ideal client. I can help you re-invent your website content, email signature, social media profile pics, business card, promotional materials, and social media content business page images so you have a consistent and clear presence.  Ideal for creative entrepreneurs, lifestyle pics, behind the scenes, styling ad/or rebranding.

Let’s amplify your business with a complete branding experience, it deserves.

Once every 90 days we will do a customized shoot to get you a whole quarter worth of consistent, curated content for your social media feed, website, stories, and so much more!

Before our shoot, we will have a storytelling call to go over our goals for the shoot, plan out locations, outfits, props, and storylines so you get exactly what you need.

PLUS you will receive training on an amazing Instagram planning tool to make scheduling out your posts easier than ever.

Don’t wait any longer to be making the amount of money you deserve!

Contact or give me a call anytime at 702-856-9065

Client web examples …

Lisa Chastain

Money Coach and Author of “Girl, Get Your Shit Together”

David Tyreman

Branding Expert and Author of "World Famous, how to create a kickass brand"

Kat Secor

Health and Fitness Coach


With Vegas containing mostly service industry jobs, there is a huge call for headshots. Whether you are auditioning for a modeling or acting gig, applying to be a bartender/server, getting your real estate license, or updating your business card, I can update your look. Why would you need more than one image? Many of my clients want different images for their LinkedIn accounts, business cards, email signatures, “About Me” photo for their website, etc. Whatever the need, having a few different images to utilize comes in handy. We can combine indoor and outdoor looks with different outfits/styles to make one shoot look like 3! Plus my hair and makeup team will make you look your absolute best!

Have a business that needs all employees to have a consistent headshot for your website? I can bring my portable backdrop and lighting to you! Contact me for group pricing.

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